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“The Tower is a coherent hybrid of different media where architecture is part of a larger interactive system of relationships.

The D-Tower is a project where the intensive (feelings, qualia) and the extensive (space, quantities) start exchanging roles, where human action, colour, money, value and feelings all become networked entities.

The D-tower consists of three parts: a website (accessible to everybody), a questionnaire (accessible to a hundred different people each year that have a special password) and a Tower. All three parts are interactively related to each other.

The building is directly connected to the website in two different ways.

1. The website is a visualization of the responses of the 45,000 inhabitants of Doetinchem to a questionnaire, written by the Rotterdam based artist Q.S. Serafijn, which deals with daily emotions like Hate, Love, Happiness and Fear.
Every month the questions become more precise, and all the answers are graphed in different “Emotion Landscapes” made visible on the website to show how this city is dealing with its emotions.
2. The four emotions are represented by four colors: Green, Red, Blue and Yellow, which are also the colors of the lamps illuminating the building.”