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Sculptor Antony Gormley invited the people of the UK to occupy the empty       Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square in London. Every hour, 24 hours a day,      for 100 days without a break, different people       made the plinth their own.

There   were 2,400 ‘plinthers’, starting with Rachel Wardell, and ending with   Emma Burns, from County Durham, whose hour on the plinth ended at 9am   on 14 October 2009.

The work was based on participation and the content was defined by the audience that later become the authors as well.


One & Other was a live artwork by sculptor Antony Gormley, which took place over 100 days during the summer of 2009 in Trafalgar Square, London.


From the nearly 35,000 who applied, 2,400 people were picked at random to participate representing every region of the UK each spend an hour alone on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square for 100 days and nights. They were 1208 men and 1192 women aged between 16 and 84 took part, form all backgrounds, races, religions and political point of view.

Audience agency? Participation? Co-Creation? To make clear that the audience in this case had the agency the story from the opening day must be told. Minutes before the official launch, with Mayor of London, the artist and the press, Stuart Holmes, an anti-smoking protester, managed to clamber onto the plinth and displayed a banner calling for a ban on tobacco. Antony Gormley urged him to do the “gentlemanly thing” and give up his place to the first official “plinther”, Rachel Wardell, but the act was already performed and had influenced the project and its results.

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