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Service Design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service, in order to improve its quality, the interaction between service provider and customers and the customer’s experience. The design of the service may involve a re-organization of the activities performed by the service provider (Back office) and/or the redesign of time and place in which customers come in contact with the service (Front office). Source: Wikipedia


Service Design is the field concerned with the development of services to meet specific needs. These services may make use of different communication media (including online, telephone, in-person, etc.), may or may not be automated, and may or may not use products as part of the service experience. A service usually includes a service ecology that allows the service operate successfully.


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A design residency, inspired by artists in residence, is a novel idea where designers occupy an empty space with the intent to deliver design related services to the community. The aim is to regenerate an area by making design and innovation available to sectors where these are not generally accessible.