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The Sofa is the physical world where the physical Mr Dog and Rabbit hang out with their friends and relations and associated trains, cars, houses, floating chairs etc. Most of what happens is fairly mundane, including floating. The Sofa is in fact the diegesis of a meta or framing narrative in which smaller narratives are acted out. Mr Dog and Rabbit have a parallel existence in ‘story’ narratives, where they have a house in the suburbs and a group of friends, most of whom live near the Natural History Museum. This parallel world is further paralleled in Hairyland.

associated term: Place related practice: Anthropology

The ‘placeness’ of ‘The Sofa’ derives from Louis having consecrated it as the arena of everyday action for Mr Dog and Rabbit. As such it is a ‘sacred’ place, and when he and I are ‘doing Mr Dog’, nobody else is allowed on it. It also functions as a sofa.

associated pictorial content (general): sofa

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