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Narratology - Theatre

protagonist in Narratology

the main or central character in a narrative, whose contest or conflict (agon) with antagonists, and/or natural forces, and/or fate drives the story. Sometimes non-human entities can be or seem to be the protagonist. For example, although we all quite reasonably see Lear as the protagonist in King Lear, it could also be said the the force of nature, as embodiment of ‘the gods’ and their will, is the protagonist; there is plenty in the text to support this reading.

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protagonist in Theatre

The character who is at the centre of the drama and, typically, whose conflicts and actions drive it. From Greek tragedy, as dicussed by Aristotle in ‘Poetics’.
The protagonist is not necessarily a hero, they can be an anti hero (Hamlet, hero - Macbeth, anti-hero)

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